Two postdoctoral positions are available at the University of Burgos ERGO research
group. Research in ERGO focuses on the analysis of accounting as a social practice with
organizational, political and ecological implications. Some of the current projects
address sustainability accounting and the functionality of accounting for organizational
governance and accountability. Theoretical and methodological perspectives include
sociology, theories on regulation and governance, and accounting history.

For more information about ERGO research group visit our websites: and

One postdoctoral researcher will join a research line on sustainability accounting and
science-based targets for the transformative governance of organizations. Another
postdoctoral researcher will join a research line on accounting and ecology from a
historical perspective.

Candidates must have research experience in sustainability accounting or accounting
history. Familiarity with interdisciplinary perspectives on accounting is desirable.
The position is for two years, starting in February 2021, and is financed by Junta de
Castilla y León (research grant BU069P20). Applicants will be hired under the standard
conditions of access to the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation. The
annual gross salary is 30,000€ (plus social security and health insurance benefits).

Eligible candidates must hold a PhD. Degree in accounting, business administration,
economic history or related disciplines. They must also demonstrate research
experience in sustainability accounting or accounting history.
Eligible candidates must not have been previously employed as postdoc researcher for
three years or more.
Candidates must demonstrate proficient skills in either Spanish or English language.

How to apply
Candidates will be required to provide the following information in their application:
– Cover letter explaining the motivation to apply for this position.
– CV including education, research experience, publications, conferences,
fellowships, awards and any other relevant information for the postdoctoral
– A research paper (published or unpublished) authored by the candidate,
relevant for the postdoctoral position.
Please send any enquiries and all the information to both and

Kye dates
Pre-selection Call Opening: November 1, 2020
Pre-selection Call Deadline: Subject to the opening of the competitive call
Fellowship start: February 1, 2021